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About Global Evolution - Investment in Emerging and Frontier Markets

About Us

Global Evolution was founded in 2007 and today manages emerging and frontier markets strategies for a wide range of institutional investors globally

Global Evolution is a Specialist Emerging and Frontier Markets Investment Manager


Global Evolution is a dedicated emerging and frontier markets boutique investment manager with an established track record based on a long history of investment in emerging and frontier markets.

Global Evolution is known for its innovative approach to investing in emerging and frontier markets and is today one of the most widely recognized experts and pioneers in this segment of the market.

The firm’s dedicated investment professionals and research analysts represent an imposing range, depth of experience and knowledge in emerging and frontier markets. Global Evolution’s founders and core portfolio management team have worked together for more than a decade and benefit from two decades of emerging and frontier markets experience. This experience and team stability is very unique in the field of emerging and frontier markets asset management.

We are passionate and committed to adding value across our business, with the intention of consistently exceeding our investors’ expectations.

We are committed to our mission statement:

Excellence in Providing Emerging & Frontier Markets Solutions

Co-founder, Member of the Board

Soren Rump

Co-founded Global Evolution in 2007. Started in the industry in 1995.

Soren Rump has been Chief Executive Officer and member of the Group Executive Management at Global Evolution. In 2020, as part of the firm´s long-term succession planning, he transitioned from his role as CEO to being a member of the firm´s Board of Directors.
Soren has more than two decades of experience as an investor in emerging and frontier markets.


Co-founder, CIO & CEO

Morten Bugge

Co-founded Global Evolution in 2007. Started in the industry in 1995.

Morten Bugge is the Chief Investment Officer and a member of the Group Executive Management at Global Evolution. He co-founded Global Evolution in 2007. Morten Bugge has amassed extensive capabilities in emerging and frontier markets and brings more than two decades of investment experience to his role as Chief Investment Officer and ultimate investment decision-maker at Global Evolution.


Team & Background

Co-founder, Member of the Board

Søren Rump

Co-founded Global Evolution in 2007
Started in the industry in 1995

Co-founder, CIO & CEO

Morten Bugge

Co-founded Global Evolution in 2007
Started in the industry in 1995

Investment Management:

Morten Bugge
Chief Executive Officer & Chief Investment Officer
Christian Mejrup
Deputy Chief Investment Officer
Lars Peter Nielsen
Senior Portfolio Manager
Kristian Wigh
Senior Portfolio Manager
Jacob E. Jensen
Senior Portfolio Manager
Sofus Asboe
Senior Portfolio Manager
Anne Margrethe Tingleff
Senior Portfolio Manager
Stephen Bailey-Smith
Senior Economist & Portfolio Manager
Michael Hansen
Senior Strategist
Alexander Friis Illum
Senior Analyst
Witold Bahrke
Senior Macro & Allocation Strategist
Michael Nguyen
Senior Investment Analyst
Casper Trankjær
Senior EM Trader
Ole Jorgensen
Research Director
Nathalie Nørregaard Larsen
Senior ESG Analyst
Nicolai B. Jessen
Senior Research Analyst
Alexander S. Dahlberg
Senior Research Analyst
Allan Lesley
Research Analyst
Alia Yousuf
Head of Corporate Strategy
Edward Soekamto
Senior Portfolio Manager
Romain Bocket
Senior Portfolio Manager
Ting-Yu Chen
Portfolio Manager
Gabriel Heskin
Senior EM Trader
Radu Gheorghiu
Global Financial Analyst
Cynthia Tsai
Credit Analyst
Milena Ianeva
Senior Credit Analyst

Business Management & Support:

Torben Schytt
Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer
Henrik Schmidt
Global Head of Sales & Client Service
Mike Casagranda
Head of Sales, UK
Janhavi Kumar
Head of Distribution, USA
Yulia Kosiw
Client Portfolio Manager, USA
Christina Schütt Lehrskov
Business Developer
Kasper Brodersen
Business Developer
Sine Bak Josefsen
Head of Legal & Compliance
Samantha Addonizio
Chief Compliance Officer and Counsel, USA
Malene Hansen
Senior Legal & Compliance Officer & AML Officer
Louis Ward
Branch Compliance Officer, UK
Mette K. Thorborg
Compliance Operations & People Administrator
Michael Torving
Chief Technology Officer
Thomas D. Madsen
Senior Software Developer
Kasper Leschly
Senior Software Developer
Torben Kiltang
Senior Software Developer
Simon Sommer Ahle
Senior Software Developer
Kasper Nissen
Senior Software Developer
Mike Sahl Jørgensen
IT Support Specialist
Jesper Syrak
Head of Operations
Susanne S. Jensen
Senior Operations Officer
Ole Mygind Hansen
Senior Operations Officer
Kenneth Jepsen
Senior Operations Controller
Mihaela Preda
Senior Operations Officer
Karina Eriksen
Senior Financial Controller
Anders Ravn Jorgensen
Senior Financial Controller
Mikkel M. Haugaard
Head of Middle Office & Risk Management
Christian Skalborg Jensen
Senior Risk Analyst
Frederik Brams
Senior Risk Analyst
Simon Mark Nielsen
Senior Risk Analyst
Frederik Madsen
Risk Analyst

Global Evolution Offices

Denmark (Head Office)

Global Evolution Asset Management A/S

Buen 11, 2nd floor
6000 Kolding

Tel.: +45 79 32 11 11

FSA Registration Number: 8193
CVR.no.: 30 60 21 53


Global Evolution USA, LLC

250 Park Avenue, 15th floor
New York, NY, 10177
United States

Tel.: +1 646 609 7160

SEC Registration Number: 801-78371

United Kingdom

Global Evolution Asset Management A/S (London Branch)

24 Monument Street, Level 8
London EC3R 8AJ
United Kingdom

FCA Reference Number: 954331
UK-Company no. FC036962
UK-Company Establishment no. BR022050


Global Evolution Fund Management Singapore, Pte. Ltd.

Level 39, Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 2
10 Marina Boulevard
Singapore 018983

ACRA Registration Number: 201934205Z


Global Evolution Manco S.A.

15, Rue d’Epernay
L-1490 Luxemboug

Tel.: +352 28 66 46