Investment Approach

Understanding how our philosophy and processes set us apart

Understanding what sets Global Evolution apart

Alpha through

Our investment philosophy is driven by a belief that the evolution of industrial capitalism across the globe creates ever new, exciting and less-understood investment opportunities. By focusing on a larger and more diverse country selection in combination with a high conviction, benchmark-agnostic approach we strive to deliver alpha.

Positive impact

In partnership with our clients, we are committed to leaving a legacy of impact investing, which assists in lifting developing nations out of poverty. We are an active signatory to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment and consideration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) variable are deeply engrained in our investment decision making process.

Total is greater
than sum of parts

We believe a systematized collective decision making via our weekly investment committee meeting delivers alpha. The collective ownership culture also promotes high staff retention, with the original team having worked together for over 20 years.

trading culture

Combining portfolio managers and trading delivers alpha in terms of timeliness and information advantages especially in the less established markets. The research and trading process is assisted by extensive country visits which also nurture our local trading and policy maker networks.

Unique information

Over many years we have developed and honed proprietary information systems to facilitate fast and thorough comparative research, risk and portfolio analysis across our wide sovereign universe.

Investment Objective

Global Evolution´s objective is to deliver long-term competitive returns to our investors by constantly searching and favoring dynamically improving emerging and frontier economies globally and invest where we identify opportunities of high risk-adjusted returns.

Because of the unique nature of the opportunities and risks in each of these markets, we believe that a disciplined conviction-based approach and active management provides the most effective means to outperform and deliver a unique set of returns; returns that provide investors diversification and correlation benefits not found in traditional global equity and bond markets. The investment approach is best described as active, disciplined, conviction-based, fundamental top-down with a strong focus on risk management.

Investment Process


The investment management team collectively manages all investment strategies and generates investment ideas through a continuous exchange of ideas and from collection and comprehensive analysis of data. At the weekly strategy meetings we formally review and establish the overall risk framework by analyzing global macroeconomic, political/economic trends and market technicals.

We analyze the individual markets as an ongoing opportunity recognition done by analyzing macroeconomic and political conditions across the full investment universe. We use our proprietary systems to support the ongoing analysis of each country and look to determine dynamically improving countries by conducting a detailed country risk assessment, including in-depth country visits for detailed due diligence.

As we identify attractive investment opportunities we evaluate the best investment ideas through our relative value models to establish how we best express our views for the individual countries.

The portfolio construction uses the risk framework above to implement the overall risk allocations and determine position sizes for individual countries and instruments through a conviction based approach that incorporates individual investment guidelines and group allocations by conviction, market size, liquidity and timing.

The Investment Process Explained in Less than 3 min.: