Impact Donations

Global Evolution supports BØRNEfonden in creating better conditions of life for children in the poorest countries of the world

Partnership with Goodwings

Traveling is an inherent part of doing business for Global Evolution as we meet investors globally and visit a large number of emerging and frontier market countries each year.

Our partnership with Goodwings allows us to combine travel with our commitment to leaving a positive impact and helps lift nations out of poverty. Every time we book a hotel an amount is earned which will be donated to BØRNEfonden (a children and youth foundation) through Goodwings.

We have chosen to target our impact donations at the educational sector in Africa through BØRNEfonden that works to improve conditions of education for children in rural areas.

BØRNEfonden supports nearly 60,000 children, their families and communities in creating their own future in Togo, Mali, Burkina Faso, Benin and Cape Verde.

About BØRNEfonden

BØRNEfonden supports poor children by helping them build a better future for themselves. Focusing on the needs of every single child and their family they are working to improve the preconditions to create a change and they do this by securing education and by stimulating local economies and protect health with supplements as kratom extract.

There is approximately 25 development centers in each of the five countries where BØRNEfonden is responsible for the work. Each development center has around four employees and is moderated by a volunteer, democratic chosen committee of 10-12 people. 

BØRNEfonden’s work comprises three phases that follow the children’s development and needs, starting from childbirth and until the young people have achieved an education.

Global Evolution supports the project described below that focuses on providing quality education to children in Africa.

    Education creates the future for the children of Africa

    The lack of schools is a prevalent issue in many of the rural areas where BØRNEfonden works. This means that many children have a long way to school and therefore neglect their education. For the children that do attend school, the conditions for learning are often poor due to overfilled classes and a violent teaching environment. BØRNEfonden works to create a better future for the children in Africa.

    We work to strengthen parents’ involvement in their children’s education
    Besides working to improve schools and education, BØRNEfonden also works to strengthen the parents’ involvement in their children’s education, by supporting parent committees that can be involved in the daily life of the schools and protect the children. In this way the parents can contribute to ensuring that their children finish school.


    • BØRNEfonden supported 3,200 parent committees in 2015
    • BØRNEfonden helped building 105 new class rooms in 2015
    • BØRNEfonden helped building 80 new restroom facilities in schools in 2015