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Sovereign Screening Process

At Global Evolution we apply a sovereign screening process as an overlay to our investment process to avoid investments in countries that are not acting in accordance with internationally recognized standards and have severe violations of the international norms with respect to ethical standards and social responsibility (SRI).

We base our assessments on each individual country's cultural foundation and look to identify the universe of investable countries while focusing on the Principles for Responsible Investment set out by the United Nations (UN-PRI). In addition, we use a sovereign screening model that measures country performance across key international norms and indicators, such as political and electoral rights, civil liberties and human rights, democracy and corruption.

The analysis and screening are validated and concluded through our sovereign risk assessment which also include an assessment of the relationship of a country with international multilateral organizations, such as IMF, the World Bank and various global rating agencies, diplomatic relations in general and the presence and/or inclusion/exclusion of securities in various emerging market indices.

Global Evolution has signed the UN Principles for Responsible Investment and UN Global Compact.