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Investment Philosophy

We define emerging and frontier markets as exactly that and constantly search for emerging and frontier economies and invest where we identify opportunities of high risk-adjusted return. We believe that an emerging markets investment is more than a beta asset class allocation. Our portfolios are constructed on an exceptionally diversified basis to achieve high absolute returns with a minimal correlation to other asset classes.

Active management is a key tool for Global Evolution to generate outperformance and long-term performance. Global Evolution takes a strong view on each country to exploit inefficiencies, market themes and opportunities and first-mover advantages with attractive risk-return characteristics.

Fundamental top-down analysis of long-term economic and political prospects enables Global Evolution to identify attractive investment opportunities. Global Evolution benefits from an established network of relationships with local economists and partners with strong, unbiased local knowledge of emerging market countries.

The investment management group is supported by a fully integrated quantitative risk management setup and empowered by unique proprietary systems for advanced portfolio and risk management. We believe that an integrated and comprehensive platform utilizing the latest technology enables us to provide highly focused and effective client service.